KI Conequip Pvt. Ltd. is reputable and pioneer concrete batching plant manufacturer, supplier & exporter.

As India is a developing country, Concrete Batching plants are widely used in India to build the infrastructure of various kind including roads, dams, bridges, buildings, airports and more. KI Conequip Pvt. Ltd. offers several types of concrete batch mixing plants, wet concrete batching plants and more. We provide mobile, affordable and compact plants as per your requirements. Our special solutions for several types of concrete types are available for you and ensure that you get the maximum output with quality and efficiency.

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Customized Concrete Batch Plants for Your Construction Site

We understand and believe that not all construction sites are same, each has its own requirements. Considering the requirements and specifications, KI Conequip Pvt. Ltd. brings a customized concrete batch plants for your construction site to fulfill all your needs in terms of manufacturing high-quality concrete. With our customized concrete batch mixing plants, it is quite easier for a site manager to change & alter the ingredient measurements to manufacture different grades of quantity including 1:2:4, 1:3:6, 1:1:2 etc. Thus, the concrete of different grades are effectively used for different purpose like flooring, ceiling, columns and more…

Explore Our Different Types of Concrete Plants:

Wet Concrete Batching Plant:

In our wet concrete batching plant, the materials are first measured individually and then added into the unit for mixture. Once they are mixed as per the predefined standard, they are moved to the transit or pumping unit. As the whole plant is operated through the computer, all the materials are combined in an effective manner to ensure the homogeneity of the output.

Stationary Ready Mix Concrete Plants:

Along with the wet concrete batching plants, we offer ready mix concrete plants to fulfill the needs of vast production of concrete for various use. Our stationary and compact concrete batch mixing plants are designed based on the scope of infrastructure project, topography of construction site, preference of the client and their prominent requirements. Whether you need it for road construction or for a giant building development, our concrete batch mixing plant is there to deliver the best output within limited sources.

Mobile Concrete Plants:

Mobile Concrete plants are known for its quick setup, high-end mobility and better quality. Our mobile concrete plants are mounted on towable chassis and designed for the quick move from one place to another. Our Mobile concrete mixture mixing plant is the perfect solution for the temporary construction sites where installation of stationary batch mixing plant is not possible. With its unique capability of quick installation & dismountable, it delivers the most affordable and easy to carry the concrete mixtures.

Why KI Conequip is Affordable and Prominent concrete batching plant manufacturer in India?
  • All the concrete batch mixing plants are compact, state-of-art and economically designed
  • Build heavy duty structure to fulfill the requirement
  • All the parts are genuine and withstand corrosion for longer time
  • All plants have in-built water pipeline & pneumatic
  • One operator can easily control the entire unit with ease.
  • Provide affordable and effective concrete batch mixing plant.
  • Promote Response to your every query